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Christian Gifts

Christian Gifts - what does that really mean? The range of Christian gifts is great and also the amount of Christian feast days. We celebrate every year in Germany up to 40 feast days that have a predominantly religious or Christian origin (without the Day of German Unity). The custom, to give presents to the various feast days, has been added much later. From the 16 Century on and mainly in Protestant churches, children recieved presents on St. Nicholas. Today we celebrate this custom on Christmas and give presents to each other within our families.

Christian gifts are attentions with religious motifs. Our range of products include bronze crosses in various designs, bronze plaques (eg to be used for acolyte), guardian angel, reliefs, Jesus body, grave accessories etc.

Christian gifts are ideal for the following occasions:


Christian gifts can also be brought throughout the year and outside of celebrations. Christian Gifts testify your love for Jesus Christ and thus also your love and care for another human being. Christian gifts bring consolation, recognition, courage and joy!

Here you can find Christian gifts for your personal occasion!

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