Leathercord Chain

On this page you will find an example of your Leathercord Chain and a brief description:

The Leathercord chain consists of goat leather and clasp. The Leathercord has a thickness of 2.0 mm diameter. The end cap and carabiners are made from 925 sterling silver. All leather chains are handmade and manufactured in Germany. You can choose between the colors natural (light brown) and black and between different lengths. Of course it is also possible to order both tapes in various lengths or equal length. Not specified lengths you can order directly at COLONIA Kunsthandwerk GbR Contact.


Example Leathercord Chain in natural (light brown):

Lederkette komplett HELLBRAUN.JPG


Lederkette oben HELLBRAUN.JPG


Lederkette unten HELLBRAUN.JPG


Example Leathercord Chain in black: 

Lederkette komplett SCHWARZ.JPG


Lederkette oben SCHWARZ.JPG


Lederkette unten SCHWARZ.JPG