Wall Decorations

Dear Customer,

Some of our products can be fitted with an optional background. Suitable for this purpose are for example, wood, slate, granite and marble slabs. Please send your inquiry to COLONIA Kunsthandwerk GbR Contact, so that we can take your wishes into account before the product is already manufactured.

Thank you!

COLONIA Kunsthandwerk   


                               Wall decorations on slate with noble wooden frame 

Wandschmuck Kalender Rahmen Schiefer.jpg


                             Wall decorations on artificial stone wall with noble wooden frame 

Wandschmuck Tumi Rahmen Steinwand weiß.jpg


                 Wall decorations on gray granite with noble wooden frame      

Wandschmuck Göttermaske Rahmen Granit Grau.jpg


                        Wall decorations St.Sebastian with bronze frame 

St. Sebastian mit Bronze Rahmen.jpg